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The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, ‘The best charity is giving water to drink.


703 million people in the world – almost one in ten – don’t have clean water close to home. (WHO- UNICEF)


Responding with Compassion, Rebuilding with Resilience

AICT Global’s Emergency Response initiative swiftly aids those affected by natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. We mobilize resources to provide immediate relief, including food packs, hot meals, and temporary shelters. Our motto, “Responding with Compassion, Rebuilding with Resilience,” reflects our commitment to solidarity and compassion, bringing hope to crisis-stricken regions. Through coordinated efforts, we aim to foster resilience and recovery, making a meaningful difference worldwide. Your donations can help us expand our reach and provide even more essential support. Join us in making an impact and rebuilding lives—every contribution counts.

In poverty-stricken regions of Bihar and West Bengal, families struggle to put food on the table daily. Your Qurbani donation to AICT Global, starting from just £77, can make a substantial difference. By providing nourishment to the underprivileged, you offer hope and sustenance to those in dire need. Donate today and reap rewards in this world and the hereafter.

Assam Flood Relief 2024

Clean Water

Price: £3

150-200 people
5 days

Food Pack

Price: £16

50 beneficiaries
same day


Price: £16

50 beneficiaries
same day

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The Emergency Response Initiative, led by AICT Global, provides swift aid to those affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Our team mobilizes resources to deliver immediate relief, including food packs, hot meals, and temporary shelters, ensuring support during times of crisis.
Your donation has the power to make a significant impact by providing essentials such as food packs, hot meals, and temporary shelters to those in need. It helps us offer immediate relief and long-term support to communities affected by disasters.
Yes, your personal information is securely protected during the donation process. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your data is handled with the highest level of security.
Yes, you can often choose the region or specific project, like our Emergency Response initiative, for your donation. This allows you to direct your support to areas and causes you are passionate about.
There are many ways to get involved beyond financial contributions. You can volunteer your time, participate in fundraising initiatives, advocate for our causes, and raise awareness within your community. Visit AICT Global to explore various ways you can make a meaningful impact.