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The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, ‘The best charity is giving water to drink.


703 million people in the world – almost one in ten – don’t have clean water close to home. (WHO- UNICEF)

Aqua Aid

AICT Global is dedicated to providing clean, life-sustaining water to communities in need. Our motto, ‘tag line here,’ reflects our steadfast commitment to meeting a fundamental human need. We’ve diligently served communities facing water scarcity. Now, it’s an opportunity for you to make a difference.

Let's dive in together. Support our cause and help quench the world's thirst!

Handpump (100 ft)

Price: £109

50 – 100 people
5 days

Handpump (250 feet)

Price: £178

150-200 people
5 days

AquaAid ​ FAQ’s

Water aid brings clean, safe water to communities through initiatives like building wells and pumps. Additionally, it educates on water hygiene and conservation to ensure lasting impact.
Your donation will be used to fund the installation of water pumps, wells, filtration systems, and other infrastructure in communities lacking access to clean water. It will also support ongoing maintenance and sustainability efforts to ensure long-term impact.
AICT installs hand pumps in the needed area. We have 2 categories of Handpump.
Yes, rest assured that your personal information is securely protected when making a donation.

Yes, you can often specify the region or project you would like your donation to support.

Installing a Handpump (250 feet) for ₹18,000 can provide clean water for 150-200 people, significantly improving their health, sanitation, and overall quality of life. Similarly, opting for a Handpump (100 feet) at ₹11,000 can serve 50-100 people, offering them access to safe drinking water and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases.
There are numerous avenues for engagement beyond monetary donations. You can volunteer your time, join fundraising initiatives, champion water access and sanitation causes, and raise awareness in your community. For more opportunities to make a difference, visit aictglobal and discover how you can contribute.

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